Arizona State Perspective and new Uniform





I guess you can consider me a fan.  Something about using Copper into the logo and the uniform.  

“We love the maroon and gold, and it is well represented in our uniform options. But we are also fortunate to be a part of a university that prides itself on change and the ability to break the mold. With the support of a great partner in Nike and tremendous donors, we are able to explore new and unique ways to represent our home state of Arizona as well as continue to reimagine Sun Devil Athletics.”  – Vice President for University Athletics Ray Anderson


I always hear, “Bring back Sparky” or “Drop the Spear”.  “This isn’t traditional”,.  Well you know what it isn’t.  This has been a school that has had tradition to a certain point.  From the 50s to the 70s, Arizona State was considered the Boise State of the College Football landscape.  Always dominate, but because they were in the Western Athletic Conference they were always left out of the National Championship hunt. 

Go to the 80s and they were considered the lower tier of the Pac-10.  Never the respect of UCLA, USC or the Stanfords of the conference.  From here and there, they had a couple Pac-10 Championships.  A huge season here and there, but nothing that ever felt like a tradition.  To tell the truth.  Maroon and Gold is and will always be tradition.  We thrive on it.  Even last year, Sun Devil Alumni and Supporters even had Sparky the Sun Devils mascot re-modernized as he didn’t fit what we call tradition. So it was back to the old drawing board.  Giving Alumni selections on which mascot they want to use for the future.  

Now we enter today, Arizona State Sun Devils actually goes with State tradition.  Copper and Anthracite as new colors for an exceptional array of possibilites.  Copper, Black, Maroon, Gold, White and Anthracite.  Yes this isn’t Michigan, Notre Dame or Penn State where tradition means everything.  But it is becoming an ASU tradition not to be in the norm.  This has become an institution where we drank and partied at Mill before we went to class.  But this is where I am getting.  We are not the normal institution.  We have always done academics our way. 

This is why I love the new uniform. This says we will bring tradition our way.  We love our Maroon and Gold, but we are never afraid to mix it up and be ourselves.  This has been the way students, faculty and fans have done it for years.  We are hard working, traditional and tax paying, but we love to do it the Sun Devil way.  With a party.  Honestly, it shows in our uniform.  Modern, traditional, but with a fun little way of showing how we can do it.


image_zps59ce3caa image_zps1021204c

With a Copper Chrome Decal, Facemask with a white helmet.  Shows the modern traditionalist design.  With the Anthracite uniform that has enough class to be considered unique.  The one thing I can at least do without is the numbers.  I think they can do without the gradients.  



Should be noted that in order to go with mostly Copper and Anthracite, ASU went with white undershirts and gloves to go with the white helmet.  Now it is uncertain when they will wear this combo.  I am for one that actually loves this combo.

Traditional with a Modern Twist