NFL Tournament of Uniform: #1 – 15

Here is Part II of the Logo Asylum’s Tournament of Uniform Spectacular as we head into the top 15!

15. Houston Texans – Awesome helmet and a great overall look. Similar to the Panthers, the Texans prove that even modern design elements can be made to look good.

14. San Diego Chargers – The Chargers have had a primarily excellent uniform throughout the franchise’s history. Trying to combine multiple eras and do a modern take on it doesn’t work in this instance. The current incarnation of Chargers’ uniform has too many design elements creating a visual havoc on the field.

13. New York Jets – The Jets look is fantastic from head to toe…until you get to those monochrome uniforms. The green on green uniforms are a complete disaster while the white on white don’t showcase the green enough. Eliminate the monochromes and the Jets would more than likely rank higher on the list.

12. Cleveland Browns – I wanted this uniform to be in the top-10 so much, but you can’t overlook the Brown pants, Orange jersey and monochrome brown look. Until those are phased out, the Browns are on the outside looking in.

11. Washington Redskins – The Skins going back to the gold pants on the home uniforms was a brilliant move last season, however it looks a little out of place on the road uniforms. Ideally, a burgundy/gold and white/burgundy set would catapult this team, but for now a number 11 spot is where the Redskins rank.

10. Minnesota Vikings – The jury is still out on the matte helmets, however the current Vikings set is a huge upgrade over what was being worn last season. The black facemasks and number font hurt this set from being in the top-5.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – This is one of the rare instances where just about every combination works and looks great. The monochrome whites are the only thing hurting this look…but not by much.

8. Buffalo Bills – Pretty much all of us rejoiced when the Bills went back to a classic design style instead of the navy/nickel/red mess. The Bills have a great traditional look with subtle modern touches; however, the all white monochrome hurts an otherwise fantastic set.

7. San Francisco 49ers – The 49ers are one of the few teams to have looked outstanding in all their incarnations and the current version is no exception. What hurts this look is the black on the helmet logo not being anywhere in the uniform. The mish-mash of 80’s look and 90’s logo drop the Niners to the number 7 spot.

6. Kansas City Chiefs – By adding the cherry pants back to the road look, the Chiefs catapulted to the number 6 spot on the list. The Chiefs boast a classic, solid football design from top to bottom with great color balance.

5. Detroit Lions – By far the best of the most recent updates, the Lions have an excellent balance of Honolulu Blue, Silver and Black. The black jersey and black facemask are the only deterrents from an otherwise fantastic uniform set.

4. Indianapolis Colts – Another great, classic look and the only team who looks real sharp in monochrome white for some reason. The ever-shrinking shoulder stripes are holding this uniform set from the top spot.

3. Chicago Bears – Great color balance, an awesome overall look and it even translates well onto the Orange alternate. So why number 3? The white monochrome just drags down the entire set.

2. Green Bay Packers – It’s the stuff legends are made of: solid home and road and a classic football look. The Pack ultimately holds truest definition of a football uniform. At least until compared with…

1. Oakland Raiders – The top of our lists hosts a relatively gorgeous team in any and every aspect. Uncluttered without alternates and variations, the Silver and Black look sharp on the road, at home and pretty much wherever they play.