Portland Thunder releases New Logo



Portland Thunder has released their logo on Friday for once great Arena Football League. The Logo with a shield of blue with a thunderous football with the wordmark hovering over shield.  But what goes wrong is Thor’s Hammer the one thing that looks out of place.  It would have been better if they lowered the hammer and gotten rid of the Portland PDX symbol they use for their Airport. This logo has so much potential.  But thus they ruin it with the gaudy hammer, the


which just gives it a full 2 grades down.  Plus there are so many puns that could be used for the logo as well just for the Mjolnir itself.  Not only the Mjolnir I would have toned down the extra black around the logo as well as it feels forced and really unnecessary.

This really gives me a good solid C- as this logo has so much potential.  But yet really misses the mark.