NFL Tournament of Uniform: #16 – 32

With 2013 in the books and 2014 just getting underway, the Logo Asylum panel of experts carefully deliberated and analyzed all 32 NFL teams for the Tournament of Uniform Spectacular. Without further adieu, we can now reveal the Logo Asylum’s NFL uniform rankings: 


 32. Jacksonville Jaguars – No real surprise here as the Jags take on the 32nd spot as the worst uniform in the league. While this does have potential, the two-tone helmets instantly kill what could be a good set.


31. Cincinnati Bengals – Opposite of the Jaguars, the Bengals have an outstanding helmet, but the mish-mash of design elements and atrocious number font on the uniforms really bungle this look up.


30. Atlanta Falcons – Great color scheme, but what’s with the vertical sleeve panels? The Falcons have a great color scheme, but a uniform simplification would do wonders for these birds of prey.


29. Baltimore Ravens – It’s the road look that hurts the Ravens (well that and the awkward placement of the ‘B’ on the left-facing helmet) as they completely downplay the purple in favor of black.


28. Tennessee Titans – The Titans could possibly have a great look…problem is that they use all the wrong color combinations. The Navy/Colombia color scheme is unique to the NFL; it’s a shame that it’s being used in the wrong capacity.



27. Denver Broncos – These uniforms really reflect the 1990’s design era… and that’s not a good thing. I don’t think even going back to the orange jerseys help the Broncos in this case as the uniforms just look outdated.


26. Seattle Seahawks – While Nike almost got the color scheme right and the number font is pretty solid, there’s just way too much going on with the Seahawks. The linked bird on the helmet looks awkward; the pants striping reminds me of a laurel instead of a feather. There’s potential here, just not sure if Nike and the Seahawks brass will realize it.


25. Arizona Cardinals – Awesome helmet. Horrible uniforms. Denver-esque pants slash + rejected Falcons jersey concept = Cardinals uniforms. Don’t even get me started on that black alternate…


24. Miami Dolphins – The uniform is well…boring. There’s so much potential for the Dolphins, however the Stormtrooper road set and grey on the helmets are killing this look. The color balance is much better on the home uniforms as aqua and white really look sharp together.


23. New England Patriots – Much like their running game, this uniform was designed by committee. Shoulder stripes, mismatched side panels and a really awful number font.


22. Dallas Cowboys – This could have very easily been in the top-10, however until they fix the multiple shades of blue (or blue-green), “America’s Team” stays in the bottom half.


21. New Orleans Saints – The Saints have a real problem: great look, great colors, and great jerseys. However, it’s their constant use of black pants that kills this set. Monochrome black at home, plus the lack of gold on the road drops the Saints to the number 21 spot.


20. St. Louis Rams – A lot of people don’t like the navy/old gold look of the Rams; they say it’s too drab. the Rams have a decent look, but the monochrome sets do more harm than good. The helmet is classic as are the shoulder Ram horn stripes, but this drab team needs to brighten up a little.


19. Carolina Panthers – The Panthers are a great example of how modern design doesn’t have to be ugly or shocking. The Slash style striping work really well in this set, as do the multiple combinations of uniforms. Still not a fan of the monochrome, however even the monochrome whites look really sharp.


18. Pittsburgh Steelers – What’s keeping this team out of the top-10 is the number font. The Steelers have a great color balance and a good, solid football-look. That number font really looks out of place on that blue-collar uniform.


17. New York Giants – M&M-looking helmet aside, the Giants transition from grey pants on the home to white really helped to clean up their look. Now if they could only add a little more blue to the roads…


16. Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles have a pretty solid look and is a great modern take on a classic uniform. Many people clamor for the return to Kelly Green, however the Midnight Green currently being used still works in this case. If only they could ditch that black jersey from the set, the Eagles would fly a little higher on our rankings.


That’s it for Part 1 of the Tournament of Uniform Spectacular. Teams 1 – 15 revealed next week!