This is why Austin Dillon should not wear #3 for the Sprint Cup

Some things you just can never touch.  99 with Gretzky, 42 with Jackie Robinson.  But now Richard Childress is unretiring the infamous number 3 so his grandson Austin Dillon can sport the number next year.  Sorry but going on a rant here, but Dale Earnhardt who died while racing the Daytona 500 in 2001.  Building a legacy that his son continues and winning 7 Nascar Cups and is considered the greatest NASCAR racer in the history of NASCAR should continue to keep the number 3 retired.

NASCAR Dillon No 3 Auto Racing.JPEG-0ac3b

I can understand if this was the Nationwide series where his son Junior has the 3 rocking, but only because this is the Nationwide, but to unretire the number 3 just so your grandson Austin Dillon race just sounds plain wrong. First of all, you will never fill a man’s shoes by driving and you will never be Dale Earnhardt.  So why are you unretiring a number after 12 years? Just sounds like giving your grandson a long road of failure.


I don’t think the #3 should be retired for the long future.  Or wait until Earnhardts grandson Jeffrey starts to establish himself in the Sprint circuit before we should ever think about unretiring the legendary number. Because it just smells of failure, smells of publicity and just sells doom for Dillon.


Also, this does have everything to do with logos.  We are talking about a number for NASCAR which besides sponsors, numbers mean everything.