WrestleMania 31 Logo Revealed

WrestleMania 31 Logo

WrestleMania 31 Logo

WWE announced today that Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA will be hosting WrestleMania 31. An initial logo has been released with owner Vince McMahon noting how this will be the most interactive WrestleMania ever due to the technology at Levi’s Stadium.

A “play” button seems to be the focal point of the logo this time around as it seemingly ties into the whole “Most interactive WrestleMania ever” thought. Additionally, the traditional “scratch” WWE logo has been replaced by the WWE Network logo. Will this logo swap tie into something else the WWE has planned? Time will tell.

As for my thoughts? The logo is pretty bland. It lacks the local flavor as seen in past WM logos and I’m really hoping this doesnt create a possible sterilization of WrestleMania logos like the NFL and CFL have done with their respective Super Bowl and Grey Cup logos. Although the wordmark has been generally standardized since WM17 (WM23 having a different font altogether), one thing WWE has done really well is take one standard element (two if you count the WWE logo) and still manage to knock out an event logo full of personality.