2014 Sochi USA Hockey Jersey’s Unveiled



So the United States just released their jerseys for the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  And oh boy where do we start? Well should we start with the the fake lace that is “proudly” displayed on the jersey right above the crest.  Makes me wonder if the committee ran out of money when thinking how to make a jersey.  I will say that this is the stupidest decision I have ever seen over at Nike.  Can’t you take a couple extra minutes to poke a couple holes and actually put lace through.  Very poor and very sloppy plastic design.

Next what are up with the the fake looking stars, are they supposed to look flashy?  Instead they look cheap and uninspiring, would have been better off taking the fabric and having it look like a different color and at least making the jersey look respectful.  Instead we have something that a 4 year old decided to glue onto the jersey to make it look glittery and neat.

Last we look at the crest.  I know they are trying to make it look retro, but just looks so bad.  Something that Captain America decided to reject because it just didn’t look too America Like.  The Gold should have been a different color, but makes it look poorly done and tacky.



So much could have been done here, but it looks like Nike trying to make their name for the Olympics and all we got was something that was disgusting and a retro fail!