Logo Roundup August 14, 2013

This week in the Logo Roundup, Peter Piper Pizza, Farmers Insurance and Hooters have unveiled new logos.  Yes they may already have come out in some cases.  But at the Logo Asylum.  I think it should be safe to show you the before and after looks of the logos.  First off is Peter Piper Pizza.

The old



The New


PPPizza PPPizza1


My biggest problem is that it looks like something downtown at a club.  The first thing it should remind me of is a place to take your kids when you want to get some pizza.  As someone who grew up with Peter Piper Pizza, I should want to take my kids here.  Instead I feel like I need to take money for a cover charge just to get in.  Instead of Skee Ball, will we see craps? I don’t want to take my children here if I don’t feel the child like atmosphere.  Just a total downgrade overall.


Next up is Farmers Insurance

farmers_insurance_logo (1)


This is a total upgrade in my most honest opinion.  Farmers Insurance is bringing us into the 21st century with a modern design with an appeal that can bring the Millennials to their business.  Darker Colors, Newer Design while keeping the shield and sunburst into the logo makes it a warm welcome.


Third and final Hooters

The Old



The New





Finally bringing the Owl into a new time where horny men will still try nasty wings and stare at the women who work there.  The Owl is fresh while the Font is updated.  The new logo feels clip-arty, but yet it doesn’t feel old and stale.  It may be an upgrade, but if there is a guy going to Hooters, are they really going to establishment for the Logo? Well yes if we are logo nerds like the people here that frequent the place.  But the majority will never actually go for the logo or the food. But overall I do like this logo as it needed a fresh makeover.