New England Patriots Update Wordmark

The Patriots unveiled a brand new wordmark this past week, going to a more minimalistic look:  

Before (L) & After (R)

Before (L) & After (R)

While the old script has it’s charm (especially with the way the logo almost fits over the ‘P’), I’m actually a fan of the newer wordmark. As is the current trend in most logo updates, the minimal effect works with a team like the Patriots as a tie-in with their colonial past. For the most part, the simple lettering is really effective and doesn’t draw attention away from the main logo.

What’s not working with this are the extended serifs on the ‘A’ & ‘T’. While I understand the use of them is to accentuate the lower arc of the wordmark, I really feel it’s an almost distracting and unnecessary element.

How will this translate to the markings in the endzone? Have to wait and see.