Motorola catches the rainbow


Back in 2012, Google acquired Motorola Mobility (the division of  Motorolla we associate with cell phones) in order to amp up Google’s place in the mobile device market. The new Motorolla logo debuted at the TechWeek 100 Conference to little fanfare.

Keeping the iconic “Arrow-M” logo provides the link to the company of old and the Google-centric company of new. The previous roundel is maintained, however it’s been replaced by a thin multi-colored ring which one may link back to the multi-colored “Google” wordmark. Oddly enough, none of Google’s official colors are used in the ring, however the official Google wordmark sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the clean, crisp typeface.

Another caveat of the new font (aside from the lowercase element) is the modified ‘a’ at the end of ‘Motorola’. While a small modification, I feel it works in this instance by keeping the lowercase letters aligned (aside from the ‘t’ and ‘l’ of course).  Sadly, you do not see this modified ‘a’ anywhere else.