Phoenix Suns New Logo Leak?


I’m just going to let  you look at the travesty that is the new Phoenix Suns Logo Sheet.  The only Purple you see is the Phoenix Bird.  Yup, that’s the only purple you see.  The new color set is Orange and Black.  Basically the same color you see from a standard NBA Basketball.  From the color, to the Sun Burst S(also looks similar to the Sundogs of the Central Hockey League) to the un-needed beveling.  This is just the worst logo I could ever envision from the Phoenix Suns.  After 45 years of purple and orange, the Phoenix Suns decided to go with black. Why? For the famous Black for Black Sake is my opinion.

In fact if you look at the primary logo which has kind of been the primary(throughout 45 years with some modernization) for the beginning of it’s existence, that’s all you see is BLACK.  It’s like they just slapped on a yellow and orange streaking sun basketball and called it a day.  This is possibly the worst case scenario.

A spit on the face for this franchise which has had mighty success and all we are seeing is a mighty downfall.  I give it an F—- because let’s face it, the black is just what this franchise needs, because the Phoenix Suns with Robert Sarver has been going downhill the last 10 years anyway!