Allen Americans 5th anniversary logo

I wanted to include “leaked” in the title but I’m not 100% sure this is leaked. Thanks to the very descriptively named Allen Americans Blog, an unofficial team blog, we have a look at how the Allen Americans will be celebrating their 5th season. The logo is posted at the bottom of a post about a former player heading over seas and a few other notes. This blog is run by a fan who has close ties to the office so it is entirely possible the team is ok with this being posted or the blogger didn’t know this was still under wraps.

The logo looks good, much better than fellow CHL compatriot Missouri’s, and fits the overall aesthetic of the team. The shield is exactly the same as the primary logo but gone are the big A and the puck. In their place is a 5 beveled in the same way as the A in the primary. Replacing the puck is a simple, white star. Just above the star and cutting off the bottom of the 5 is a white banner that reads “Anniversary” in grey letters.

No word on if the team will be changing their uniforms for this upcoming season but I’m hoping they do. They love to play up the red in their marketing but as a team known as the Americans, it would probably be in their best interests to bring in some more blue and not look like the USSR national team.

I’m sure the team would much rather be celebrating their fifth season by playing their first year in the ECHL but that is a story for another place.