Missouri Mavericks release 5th anniversary logo and alternate uniform

Today the Central Hockey League’s Missouri Mavericks unveiled their 5th anniversary logo and alternate jersey at a press conference today. Uninspiring is a term that could be applied to both for different reasons. Let’s start with the logo.

The logo features an interesting concept that just doesn’t seem to have been executed well. The idea of using a hockey stick and horse shoe to form a five, while cheesy, could have been really well done. The use of two hockey sticks seems to weaken the design and kill the novelty of it by forcing another stick in there to make the thickness right rather than just making one, thicker stick.

The horse shoe seems to not be rendered too well either. It looks like a deformed horse shoe that was cast aside as it wouldn’t serve its intended purpose. And in case the horse shoe threw you off and the hockey sticks weren’t enough of a hint, we have a white hockey puck with white motion lines. They could have done without the puck, reworked the horse shoe a bit, and this would have looked much better.

This logo will be the shoulder patch on the team’s black and white jerseys this coming season as well as the crest on the orange alternate jersey.

The jersey is virtually the same as last season’s orange alternate. Obviously the crest is new (the last version had “MAVERICKS” diagonally down the chest in an odd mash-up of traditional and modern jersey design) and the other change is the team’s grey horse shoe logo on the right shoulder. Previously the team had the primary logo on both shoulders.

These orange jerseys look good in person but I always felt it would look better with a logo crest rather than the lettering. This is an improvement on that front.