SPHL’s Mississippi RiverKings unveil 2013-2014 jerseys

RiverKings_WhiteOver the past two days the Southern Professional Hockey League’s Mississippi RiverKings took to their Twitter and Facebook accounts to release their jerseys for the 2013-2014 season that gets underway in October.

The jerseys feature a very traditional looking design with simple sleeve and hem striping coupled with shoulder yolk striping not see that much these days. I’m a big fan of shoulder striping so these are a win for me. The only gripe I have is about the sleeve stripes and the hem stripes being reversed. It’s the same pattern, just flipped.

RiverKings_GreenOne interesting tidbit seems to be a leak of the SPHL’s Tenth Anniversary logo on the back hem of the white jersey. The quality of the image doesn’t allow for a clear look of the full logo but you can get the gist of it. It’s a navy blue X (possibly with a silver outline), the normal SPHL logo over the top half of the X, and a red banner over the legs of the X. I can’t make out what the banner says but it’s likely something like “Ten Years”, “Ten Seasons”, or “10th Anniversary.”

When compared to last season’s jerseys (dark and light) the first noticeable thing is replacing the tan/gold light jersey with a white. The second major change is an almost complete elimination of the orange/brown color except for the crest and shoulder logos.

No word yet if the team will keep their alternate jersey from last season, if they’ll have a new one, or if they’ll have one at all. Last season’s was a black jersey with white and yellow trim with the original Memphis RiverKings logo on the crest.

Last year’s jerseys were a definite upgrade from the team’s first season in the SPHL (people’s exhibits A and B) and these new jerseys continue that upward trend.