Every Single MLB team will wear Camo Today for Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day every team in Major League Baseball team in the United States will wear Camouflage.  




In some fashion one way or another, camouflage will be included onto the uniform.  The uniform will remain white or gray, but the camo will be included somehow onto the uniform.



Seen here with the Miami Marlins, the patch will remain, but on the logo on front of the jersey there will be camoflauge imprinted on. 



As seen on the Detroit Tigers, the legendary white jerseys will remain, but the digitally imprinted camo will be on the hats while the Old English D will be the same. The numbers and the name on back will also have the Camo as well.  Below are the rest of the uniforms that will also include the Camoflauge.  I will post the same on our Facebook Page.


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