Dallas Stars Logo Leaked

The Dallas Stars were scheduled to unveil their new logo and uniforms on June the 4th; however it appears as though the new logos have been leaked via the Stars’ Phone App in their “Wallpaper” section:


Dalls Stars’ New Primary Logo

Stars' roundel logo as seen on the Stars' app.

Stars’ roundel logo as seen on the Stars’ app.

Based upon the initial images, it appears as though the Stars have lightened their signature green and dropped the gold accents altogether in favor of silver and adjusted the “Stars” wordmark to a beveled ‘D’ superimposed on a beveled star. An alternate includes the aforementioned D-Star icon in the center of a roundel with “Dallas Stars” circling the logo itself.

In past years, the Stars have gone with a more collegiate-inspired look with a vertically arching “Dallas” above a jersey number on their uniforms. What remains to be seen is what logo will take center stage on the jerseys; however the frontrunner appears to be the D-Star icon. In any event, introducing any form of icon on the uniform will be a welcome change.

While initial reactions to the logos are mixed, I for one really like them. The color scheme is fantastic; the new shade of green really compliments the silver and it’s a unique color scheme amongst the multitudes of red, white and blue teams across all sport platforms. The D-Star keeps a link to the past by remaining italicized, and eliminates the “former North Stars” and “Dallas Hockey Club” feel. The beveling (an overused design element nowadays) of the star gives a sheriff’s badge vibe and only adds to the connection.

My only issue with this set thus far is the roundel – too many teams have this, so it’s not anything special. It’s not a true secondary (if the rumors hold up) and it’s really uninspired and bland compared to the effort put into the D-Star.

We’ll have to wait until June 4th to see how this looks on a uniform, but I think the Stars have something nice going here.