University of Arizona unveils new Football Uniforms

Today the University of Arizona Wildcats unveiled new uniforms for the 2013 Football Season.  Where do I start with this uniform set?  The gradients on the sleeve?.  I can understand if it were one color, but the rainbow sleeves just does not do justice to the uniforms.  In fact I say that ASU on the the Sun Devils have more of an effect for the rainbows than the U of A does.  I will say that the helmets are a positive. I love the copper helmets, this coming from someone who doesn’t like the Wildcats all that much.  I know they will possibly use these against ASU for the Territory Cup on the last game of the season.  I have always been a fan of the look for the Wildcats.  But the one thing that really throws me off from liking these uniforms are the rainbow sleeves.  I will give this a 4 out of 10.  If they would have used just one color I would have been fine with it.  But the gradients not only on the sleeves, but the numbers is what I really can’t stand.  Here are the images.


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