Instagram makes an update


Previous Wordmark on top; new wordmark on bottom..

Since being taken over by Facebook back in April of 2012, Instagram has only increased it’s social media presence, rivaling that of Twitter and parent-company Facebook. Additionally, many social media users have began to abandon Facebook moving towards Instagram as the next big thing in social media.

With that said, the folks at Instagram worked with designer Mackey Saturday to create a refreshing take on a 2 year old look (2 yrs isn’t that long, but enough time to date a logo in many cases). Gone are the seemingly extra brushstrokes from the orignal wordmark, replaced by a smoother, cleaner script headlined by a restyled “I” (which I think is a great modification by the way).

What I love about this change is how streamlined the script is, but at the same time, keeps a link to the original logo. Not too much of a change, but just enough to make a significant difference.