New Jaguars Uniform and Helmet

Just off the heels of the Press Conference of the Jacksonville Jaguars and instead of just saying what I think, i’m just going to post the pics, they should tell you what they did. I can already tell you that i’m not a fan.  From the bi-colored helmet to the uniforms, I think it’s way too busy to be Nikefied. I give it a 4 out of 10.  It has too much potential, but instead it looks like Oregons Step Sister. Full Review Coming up in the upcoming days… new-jaguars-white-jersey-2013jagsside_zps78e02a4e helmetside_zps3a00d209 BIjfGyiCUAAVi3B BIjfeQUCQAAq2Lv BIjeqVLCMAAdijg (1) BIjc0wJCMAEJiVW 935285_10152778618995721_24754126_n