Iowa Barnstormers release new Uniforms

Thanks to our friends at, the Iowa Barnstormers have released their new uniforms for the 2013 season.  Gone are the infamous Gold helmets we used to love and instead we get BFBS(Black for Black Sakes) Helmets.  The Home looks like they have pit stains and the away look like Tennessee Titans knockoffs.  Black pants for both sets it looks like as well.


Iowa2013_zps76371e8c Barnstormers



I’m not really a fan.  I loved their look with the gold helmet.  This just looks like someone took inspiration from the NFL, but made it generic. Than you have the home which is just a black pit stain of a uniform.  This could have been so much better if they would have just got rid of the pit stain and made it just black and red.  I give it a 4 out of 10 for the simple fact that it could have been much more and they just made it too busy, which made it too ugly in my honest opinion.