Jacksonville Jaguars unveil redesigned logo

A year into his ownership of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Shad Khan has made some dramatic changes to franchise. On Tuesday, Khan’s version of the franchise unveiled a new brand which matches his vision of what the Jaguars should be: aggressive, proud and bold. Khan remarked how “nothing brings a team more to life than a team logo”.

Jaguars 2013 Logo
The new look evokes an aura of fierceness with its more realistic spot pattern, addition of white around the jaw and ear repositioning. The Jaguars appear to have downgraded the teal (which has been a staple of the franchise since their inception back in 1995) to secondary color and are focusing on a primarily gold and black color scheme. How teal is incorporated in the uniforms remain to be seen, as the new uniforms will not be unveiled until April.

For comparison, here are the 1995 – 2012 and 2013 logos:

Jaguars Logo Comparison

The rebranding also features the introduction of a military-inspired secondary logo:

Jaguars Secondary Logo

Will this new, aggressive cat translate into success on the field? Only time will tell.