St. Charles Chill Unveil Logos

The newest Central Hockey League team the St. Charles Chill has unveiled their logo set. The team held a design contest to come up with the team’s logos and the winner is Alex Flick of AFlick Design. The set mixes classic design and a more modern angular, beveled font intended to look like ice.

What seems like it should be the primary logo is considered a secondary logo by the team. It features a C with motion lines/icicles extending to the left. The colors of the primary logo differ ever so slightly from the word mark and the secondary mark in that the primary has a silver outline.

The word mark (considered the primary) continues in the same vein with the intended resemblance of ice but you also get a hit of the classic aspect with the font “St. Charles” is in. The word mark contains the primary “C”, minus the silver, along with “hill” in the same font.

The secondary mark features an interlocking S and C with a T just chilling off to the side of the S (no pun intended … ok, maybe a little bit). Again, there is an absence of silver. The team has confirmed via Facebook that this will be the shoulder logo on the jerseys.

The team has yet to unveil their uniforms but there’s still plenty of time for that considering the team hasn’t even hired a front office staff yet and they won’t be taking the ice until October.