Introducing the Lehigh Valley Phantoms

The plan for the Philadelphia Flyers to move their top farm team, the Phantoms, to Allentown is finally coming to fruition. This has been the plan since before the team left Philadelphia due to the demolition of the Wachovia Spectrum. The team then moved to Glens Falls, NY and became the Adirondack Phantoms. Now, after their fourth and final year in Glens Falls, the team is finally moving back to Pennsylvania into a nice, shiny, new arena in the 8,500-seat Allentown Arena.

The “new” logo features the same abstract phantom along with a new word mark, dropping the word mark the team has had since their inception in 1996. The word mark is in a pretty generic font with a bit of distortion. It also has a gradient now but I think it will be a flat orange when it comes time for branding jerseys, merchandise, signage, etc.

The other major change is the team dropping the color purple. Purple has been a huge part of the Phantoms’ history. It wasn’t just a trim color, with the team bouncing between having black and purple dark jerseys. They’ve routinely played up the purple as a unique aspect of the identity, particularly in the American Hockey League. Now it seems we may see yet another AHL team mirroring their parent team’s jersey. The only instance of purple on the logo seemingly has been replaced by a light blue but I expect that just to be an accent.