Under Armour unveils special uniforms for Boston College, Hawaii, and South Carolina

AMERICA! Oh my …

Under Armour must have said, “What can we do with Maryland’s Pride uniforms from 2011 to push them onto our other schools? I know: AMERICA!” Seriously, that’s how I think it went down when it comes to Boston College and Hawaii’s Wounded Warrior Project uniforms. Meanwhile, South Carolina just seems like camouflage for camouflage’s sake. Aside from a blatant disregard for the US Flag Code, here’s my take on these uniforms.

Boston College

BC will wear these October 27th against the ACC’s bastions of traditional uniform design, Maryland. The only things of these uniforms that lets you know this is BC would be “Boston College” across the chest and their gold helmet. The uniforms are all white and feature the Field of Blue on the right shoulder with the left shoulder being red and white bars, a la the aforementioned 2011 Maryland Pride uniforms.

The pants do feature a BC logo on the left hip but of course in this world of logo creep there is a UA logo just the same size on the right hip. The UA logo on the pants, as well as the jersey, is surrounded by a circle of stars. It doesn’t look like 13 for the original colonies, 50 for the current number of states, or 6 for order of joining the union. It just looks like stars that have no meaning.

While the helmet is still that usual Boston College gold, there is now a tick, American flag festooned stripe. The stripe looks to be stars on the player’s right and stripes on the player’s left all the way back.

As has become custom since the relaxation of the glove rules in the NCAA, there’s a design on the palms of the gloves and guess what, it’s more American flag!


If you want to see the dark version of the Boston College “Freedom” jerseys, just check out the Hawaii Wounded Warrior uniforms. Start with blue jerseys and pans, replace the Boston College word mark with a red and white Hawaii word mark, continue to use the UA standard block font this time white with a red outline instead of red with a blue outline, and that’s about it. Now you have Hawaii. Hawaii will wear these uniforms on November 24th when they host UNLV in Aloha Stadium.

This angle shows the American flag pattern on the panels of the pants that begin in the back and wrap to the sides of the knees. No idea how far it stretches up the back of the leg but it doesn’t matter, I’ve seen enough to know it’s an annoying design aspect.

Here we see the back of the gloves and there’s that UA logo with the stars again. I assume the palms are the same as the BC gloves.

The key differences are the helmet and the socks. The helmet looks to take Hawaii’s normal helmet stripe done up in red, white and blue. The socks are navy blue in the front with American flag pattern in the back while BC’s socks are white in front with the pattern in the back.

South Carolina

When the #3 South Carolina Gamecocks roll into Baton Rouge, LA this Saturday, they will be ready for “battle”. Get it? See what I did there? Once again South Carolina participates in Under Armour’s Wound Warrior Project program after participating in 2011 (though these were never seen in a game as the refs made them change after warm ups due to difficulty reading the numbers) and wearing patriotic jerseys in 2009.

These uniforms avoid the problem with the 2011 numbers by having solid white numbers outlined in garnet. The jerseys use the same template as South Carolina’s normal jerseys just a grey version of it. There’s the Carolina word mark in garnet and trimmed in black across the chest. The rest of the uniform includes a grey digicam compression shirt and grey digicam pants with the USC logo on the left hip.

The gloves feature the gamecock logo on a what looks to be a silhouette of the state in grey with a garnet outline. These will be worn with the Gamecocks’ normal helmets so there’s nothing crazy there.