Louisville unveils 12-13 basketball unis

…or at least the whites.

I’m a Louisville fan so I was really dreading the possibility of the full-time use of the Infrared set. It was fun while it lasted and will help fans remember the another Big East Championship and the school’s first Final Four since 2005, but those jerseys just shouldn’t be used full-time.

With regards to these new uniforms, I’ll say it flat-out: I am not a fan. I loved the simplicity of the old set; the block numbers, the minimalistic striping, the whole package. Yes, it had modern or unconventional design elements but they weren’t in your face and annoying to the point that they forced you to hate them.

The numbers on this new look like their an attempt to match the word mark’s font and it just doesn’t look that good to me. The three has both curvy and angular aspects while its closest relative in the work mark (the S) is just curvy. The “striping” on the shorts is weird enough and then you realize it is different colors, red on the left and black on the right. The back of the collar has this awkward boxy growth that makes it look like the Georgia Tech football honeycomb jerseys.

Overall, this set is not complete crap but it’s far from being good.