Big Sky Rebrands

The Big Sky has decided it is time to rebrand their conference and update the look to something post 1990’s. The new logo is a marked improvement:

While the mark by itself earns a decent grade from me (the B is really bothering me, though), it’s the lack of foresight in terms of jersey application that ruins it for me:

Look at Idaho State’s jersey. It’s extremely cluttered now. The patches are far too large, and on some jerseys (like Montana State’s), they just don’t look right— and actually take away from the overall aesthetic of the uniform. A standardized placement and a smaller patch would do wonders for this new look. Otherwise, it just looks forced to me.

Also of note, the Big Sky has released team-specific marks, so each team’s logo will be colored differently (as you may be able to see in some of the player photos. Weber State also appears to have released their new look, covered here.

You can get the press release (including a video) on the Big Sky Conference website.