Weber State Updates Athletics Logo

Rebranding fever has gone full-scale in Utah this year— Utah State just rebranded, and now Weber State is sporting a new look as of this afternoon. I liked the old logo, but the new look is more modern. The shading, and a lot of the line work is pretty sketchy, though. WSU Director of Athletics Jerry Bovee:

“We are excited about this new logo and new look for Wildcat Athletics. This new approach gives us greater flexibility in branding Weber State Athletics in a variety of different platforms.  This is a fresher, more marketable look that will assist us to create consistency in marketing Wildcat Athletics.”

Without further ado, the new look:

Not sure about new uniforms, but we’ll keep you posted. What do you think of the new look?

UPDATE: We have uniforms.

Total missed opportunity. Instead, Weber State settled on a ripoff of Northwestern’s special uniforms from last season, and a horrible script. I’m not sure where that came from, given the new wordmarks.