Mizzou Rebranding: A Student’s Perspective

Alright, in the days that approached the Mizzou unveiling, I reached out to current Missouri student, producer/reporter for Columbia’s KOMU News 8, and Newsy writer Justin Prochaska. Because he is such an awesome dude, he got this emailed to me the same day as the unveiling. If you want to follow him on twitter, it’s @JustinRPro

With Mizzou’s impending move to the SEC (yeah, it’s still weird), it’s not much of a surprise that the Tigers would give themselves a makeover. Gone is the word “Missouri” in the endzones, to be replaced with “Mizzou.”

Most notably, gone is the big block M on the helmets. Instead, it’s now the tiger (which I’ve always thought looked pretty cool and wondered why it wasn’t on the helmet to start with, but I digress). The new helmets look great with the black and white tops. I’m not crazy about all the new changes, but I like them for the most part.

The good:

The home blacks: These are the best of the bunch. The gold on it really pops. While I’ve always been partial to the black top, gold pants combo (probably because Mizzou’s two best home wins in recent memory- ’07 Nebraska, ’10 Oklahoma- had these unis), the new black pants look better. The stripe looks like a tiger claw scratch or something and it looks better than a regular stripe. An upgrade over Mizzou’s old uniforms.

The road whites: I like these a lot except for one thing- those shoulders. They look out of place. I think they’d look better without the black, gold and gray on the shoulders. It looks a little busy. Sometimes less is more.

The alternate helmets: They look fierce. I really like them.

Basketball uniforms: Them are sexy.

The bad:

The font is different and will take some getting used to, but nonetheless, it’s not too upsetting.

The ugly:

Gauging Twitter reacting, I’m in the minority, but I really dislike the all golds. I like the design on them with the shoulder piping and the big tiger (not stuck in the oval) on the helmet. However, the gold is waaay to bright and way to busy for me. I’m not a fan of bright gold uniforms. I know it’s our school color but it just doesn’t translate well to a uniform. There just seems to be something missing with them- a lack of color. It looks so two-toned and not lively. Oh well.  The Tigers will only wear these once a year.

I think the football uniforms are a modest upgrade but they could have done more with them.