MLB Throwback and One-Off Schedule: 2012

PCL Throwbacks, Negro League Throwbacks, 1912 Throwbacks, Camouflage jerseys, Italian scripts… the MLB this summer should certainly be interesting, if nothing else.

ASTROS – As previously mentioned right here, they will be wearing throwbacks all year long to celebrate their 50th anniversary as a franchise. The dates are…
Colt ’45’s: April 10 vs. Atlanta, April 20 vs. Los Angeles
Shooting Stars: May 4 vs. St. Louis, May 18 vs. Texas
Rainbow Guts: June 1 vs. Cincinnati,  June 22 vs. Cleveland
Rainbow Racing Stripes: July 6 vs. Milwaukee, July 27 vs. Pittsburgh
Navy and Gold: August 10 vs. Milwaukee, August 17 vs. Arizona, August 31 vs. Cincinnati

ATHLETICS – On July 8, the A’s will be throwing back to the Oakland Oaks of the PCL, when hosting the Seattle Mariners. I’m assuming, although I haven’t found confirmation, the Mariners will be wearing throwbacks as well.

BLUE JAYS – On July 1, Toronto celebrates Canada Day. Traditionally they have done this with red jerseys. Although nothing has been announced or unveiled for this year, I have a feeling a red jersey in their current template will just look gorgeous.

BREWERS – The Brewers will be doing several fun things this year. On June 2, they bust out the Cerveceros jerseys when they play the Pirates. July 1, they unveil a new translation, going Italian style, wearing Birrai on their chest, and finally, on July 28, they celebrate Negro League Tribute Night, wearing Milwaukee Bear duds while their opponents, the Washington Nationals, represent the Homestead Grays. Unfortunately, no photos have surfaced of what they’ll be wearing, but when they do, you’ll see them here.

CARDINALS – To celebrate the 30th anniversary of their 1982 World Series Champion team, the Cards will be wearing throwbacks the weekend of August 3-5, when they host the Brewers. No word on if the Brew Crew will be replicating this look, but as a ball in glove enthusiast, I can only hope. Also, to celebrate their 2011 World Series title (this Rangers doesn’t want to talk about it), they will be wearing gold numbered and lettered jerseys April 14, when they host the Chicago Cubs.

DIAMONDBACKS – The D-Backs will be rocking 90s throwbacks on September 15, when they host the San Francisco Giants. Arizona held a fan vote to see which uniforms would be worn, but unfortunately, at this time, the results have not been revealed.

GIANTS – June 2, the Giants will be hosting the Cubs in a “Turn Back the Century” game, where both teams will be adorned with 1912 throwbacks.

MARINERS – On May 26, the M’s turn back the clock as they host the Angels. Both teams will be wearing 1950s-era PCL Throwbacks, with the Mariners wearing the Seattle Rainers, and the Angels wearing the Angels uniforms that inspired their current name.

PADRES – After a fan vote to pick the jerseys, the Pads will be hosting the Angels May 18, for 70s Night, where they will be wearing 1978 Throwbacks. On August 3, they will play the Mets wearing 1989 jerseys for 80s Night, and on September 14, the Rockies come to Petco for 90s night, where San Diego will wear 1997 throwbacks.

PIRATES – On May 27, facing the Cubs, and May 28, when the Reds are in town, the Pirates will be wearing a camouflage jersey to honor the military. No images have come out of the actual jersey, but this giveaway from the 27th should give us a big clue as to what they will look like. Blech.

RANGERS – As noted in an earlier column, the defending AL Champions will be celebrating their 40th year in Arlington with throwbacks all year long. The dates these will be worn are.
1974 Whites: May 12 vs. Los Angeles
1976 Powder Blue:  August 11 vs. Detroit
1986 Whites: June 16 vs. Houston
1994 Whites: July 7 vs. Minnesota

RED SOX – As part of the 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park, on April 20, the Sawx host the Yankees, where both teams will be wearing 1912 throwbacks, and on May 2, the Oakland Athletics will be in town, with both teams wearing 1936 duds.

ROYALS – On July 21, the Twins will be in town, and the Royals will be celebrating Negro League Tribute Night. The Royals will wear KC Monarchs jerseys, while the Twins will throw back to the St. Paul Colored Gophers.

TIGERS – Detroit will have their Negro League Tribute on May 19 when they face the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Tigers will wear the uniforms of the Detroit Stars, while, for one night only, the Pirates become the Pittsburgh Crawfords.

TWINS – On June 30, the Twins turn back the clock to 1951 as the Royals come to town. The Twins will throw back to the Minneapolis Millers of the American Association, while the Royals will wear Kansas City Blues uniforms.

WHITE SOX – The Pale Hose will be wearing red-based 1972 throwbacks a whopping 13 times this season, celebrating every Sunday home game as a “Throwback Sunday”. Despite the lack of creativity in the name, this is still a nice look, and it will be worn on the following days: April 15 vs. Detroit, April 29 vs. Boston, May 13 vs. Kansas City,  May 27 vs. Cleveland, June 3 vs. Seattle, June 10 vs. Houston, June 24 vs. Milwaukee, July 8 vs. Toronto, August 5 vs. Los Angeles, August 12 vs. Oakland, August 26 vs. Seattle, September 9 vs. Kansas City, and finally, September 30 vs. Tampa Bay. EDIT: Thanks to CCSLC member BigBubba, who reminded me the White Sox are still doing their pointless “Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day” promotion, with green accented uniforms. This year, it falls on September 7, when they host the Royals.

So which special event jerseys are you most excited to see, and which ones do you think should have stayed in the vault? Did I miss any? Be sure to let me know!