Courtesy Madden 13… Are the Bears adding orange pants?

From a article on Nike and the NFL logo changes, this picture is prominently featured.

Unless it is a mistake, which I doubt, that would mean the Bears are adding a pair of alternate orange pants for the upcoming season. There is also this quote, included.

“I think when people play ‘Madden’ and they zoom in, they are going to notice a lot of the cool little details, because everything from the stitching to the piping is different. The pants are different because they have a jersey mesh on the side, and they’ve never had that, so I think gamers are going to appreciate that we have all of the details right. We even have some of the details and jerseys Nike hasn’t revealed just yet. There are a lot of great alternate uniforms this year that people are going to love. There are some big surprises that are coming with helmets and things like that, that people don’t know about. I can’t wait until they see it in the game.”

So what kind of alternates are you expecting for this upcoming NFL season?