Some thoughts on the AFC East uniforms.

Over the next couple of days, the Logo Asylum blog team are going to break down the Nike NFL reveals.

BILLS – They obviously keep their wildly successful redesign from last year, with only the contrasting color collar differentiating their new cut. This move is clearly a downgrade from their Reebok cut, but it’s still a nice look, and although I can’t verify this, the stripes appear to be at a slightly different angle. I haven’t heard any speculation as to a third or a throwback, although I would be surprised if they did. I hope the blue pants make an appearance this season, if only to break up the white-white-white monochrome and separate themselves from the similar Jets and Dolphins look.

DOLPHINS – Although, at the moment, it is rumored they will change for 2013, the Dolphins stood still, including their ugly dropshadow. There are no questions as to an alternate, as the only prior leaked Nike shot was the reemergence of the orange jerseys.

JETS – From the uncorrected photos at the shoot, the greens don’t appear to match up nearly as well as the studio shots would lead you to believe.

That’s not pretty. The real question will be what, if any, alternative uniform the Jets will unveil this year. There is speculation it could be from the “New York Sack Exchange” 80s, with kelly green and black trim. I was one of the few who really liked the simplicity of the Titans throwbacks. I thought the colors worked really well together. Anyways, I’m sure Nike will have something to announce over the summer.

PATRIOTS – One of the few teams that went with the Nike cuts but did not go with flywire, I still am not real sure what their new grey will look like. In the studio shots, the pants looked wonderfully dark, while the jerseys and number trim looked almost white. This is a set where just a few small tweaks would have really cemented it as a classic in my mind, standardizing the pants stripe, and the removal of the side panels. Unfortunately, neither appeared to have happened. They will obviously keep the throwback thirds they debuted in 2010.