MLB Changes 2012

As baseball officially kicks off tonight, I figured we’d take a break from the Nike NFL blitz (more articles are coming, I promise), and focus on which teams will be sporting new or modified looks in 2012.

Miami – This love ’em or hate ’em explosion of color (this author is a fan, really) was the biggest shakeup of the MLB aesthetic for the coming season. With orange and black hats, four jerseys, and white lettering on their grey jerseys, this is a redesign that even casual baseball fans will notice.

Toronto – Thank god, the black and grey mess is gone. The Blue Jays not only re-embraced their roots, the jerseys they took home two consecutive Commissioner’s Trophies in, but did so by giving it a perfect modern update. These are jerseys that will look great for the next 30 years, and might be the best look in baseball today.

New York – What the Yankees did… nah, I’m just screwing with you. It was their little brothers, the Mets, who made some changes, dropping the black out of their primary three looks. I still don’t see why they need the pinstripes and the snow whites, but it’s one hell of an upgrade.

Baltimore – The Orioles brought back the cartoon bird on their hats. While I liked the more anatomically correct bird as a logo, I never thought it translated to the hat very well. This hat has more personality, and is in my opinion, an upgrade.

San Diego – I’ve had largely positive things to say about the changes so far, but that streak had to end. The Padres seemingly asked the question if they could make their set match less and look blander, and the answer was, YES THEY COULD. With a road jersey that looks like something purchased at a Yankee knockoff sale, a home that includes sand trim, something stricken from every other jersey, them still dressing up as little baseball soldiers, and an alternate blue jersey that is easily the best look in their set, but still is a lower level jersey in MLB.

Kansas City – Along with an All Star Game patch, the Royals tweaked their light blue jersey and grey jerseys, flipping the script colors on the light blue, and modifying the script on the greys. Overall, it feels like a slight upgrade.

Texas – Although not tweaking their regular jerseys, which means the black dropshadow, my nemesis, remains for at least another season, they are celebrating their 40th anniversary, so they will be wearing a patch, and will be throwing back to their four other primary looks they’ve worn in Arlington.

Houston – celebrating their 50th anniversary, they will similarly be wearing a patch, and will be wearing throwbacks. Most of the discussion about them this offseason was about the Colt 45 throwbacks, and how it initially did not include the pistol. After the internet did what the internet does, this mistake was corrected.

Seattle – They brought back their teal billed hat to match with their teal jerseys. I honestly don’t have much more to add to that, although I do like it.